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Camera Price Source
Leica IIIa Dummy Body & Lens Rare No Serial Number No Action 1935 $1,599.99 Retro Photo Reading
Leica IIIa B#241333 $500.00 Retro Photo Reading
Leica III Black Nickel with Nickel 5cm f/2.5 11 O'clock Lens $2,000.00 Retro Photo Reading
Leica I Model A B#22845 1930 $750.00 Retro Photo Reading
Leica I Model C Non Standard B#20747 JB FL $2,895.00 Retro Photo Reading
Leica Nr.726 1925 w/ 5cm f/2.5 Hektor JB $20,000.00 Retro Photo Reading
Leica Minilux B#2095460 $1,350.00 Retro Photo Reading
DAG Frame-Lighter for All Leica M Cameras (Except M5) $129.99 Retro Photo Reading
Olympus 35 SP Rangefinder Film Camera Zuiko 42mm f/1.7 fast prime len… $379.00 Etsy (santarosacamera)

59 cameras in results (810 available)